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Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery

Nowadays it has become very common for people to update themselves with trends. Body piercing, tattooing, oral jewellery has become a trend. After all who doesn’t want to look good and catch attention. You can’t dazzle with high quality tooth jewellery with just once decision. The teeth jewellery procedure is painless and affordable. There are many gems that you can get as accessories for your teeth such as blue crystal, aluminium or sapphire. There are crystals for teeth that are available in different shapes and sizes. Dental jewellery also includes gold teeth and diamond tooth procedures. You might also want to have baby teeth jewellery for your little ones.

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Tooth Decoration

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Crystals For Teeth

As you have already landed on the Pooran Dental page we can provide you with tooth jewellery dentist procedures which will enhance the look of your teeth and give you a greater sense of confidence and shiny teeth. We take the utmost care so you have smooth procedure and get exactly what you want.

Pooran Dental understand your needs and give you the right environment. While you are open to have your choices we complete your wish with the tooth jewellery procedure and give you the best results.

How Pooran Dental Can Help You In Dental Tooth Jewellery Procedures :

  • At Pooran Dental We take a holistic approach and clean the tooth first with fluoride polishing paste.
  • The teeth which are to be decorated are dried separately.
  • All the professional practices In India are followed at Pooran Dental which is based in Tricity . A composite is applied on the surface of the teeth and then jewellery is picked with jewel picker and pasted on the composite.
  • The dentists at Pooran then use a light curing lamp to cure the composite form above.
  • At the end we help our visitors and clients have a look at their teeth by placing the mirror after the procedure.
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