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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction- CHANDIGARH

If you have a tooth that is causing regular pain and problems then a dentist recommends you tooth extraction. Manly people have this problem but not all are aware about tooth extraction. Mostly dentists recommend this procedure when tooth stops growing normally and the wisdom teeth has to be removed. If you have any such problems then you should visit Pooran Dental and talk to a dentist. Removal of tooth from the mouth helps in proper tooth alignment. Also delaying a tooth extraction can cause pain, infection and misalignment. There is no need to panic, a simple dental exam can diagnose and sort out such a problem.

You need a Tooth Extraction in the following Cases:

Misaligned Teeth

Prevent Infection

Prevent Damage


Gum Disease

With Pooran Dental we take a very holistic approach to deal with our patients. We provide proper tooth extraction care and diagnoze all problems with needed call to action. You can talk to our dentists who will recommend the right tooth extraction care. We have the best local tooth extraction for Tricity at convenient cost.

At Pooran Dental you need not worry about having the right timely care as we keep in mind the needs of our patients before giving them procedures.

How Pooran Dental can help you :

  • We make sure that the tooth is extracted in the case of infection which prevents the infection from reaching the gum and further complicating the procedure.
  • Our dentists at Pooran Dental make sure that we help create the easy in tooth extraction so that the patient gets relief from pain in due time and also provide emergency services
  • Not just the procedure of single or multiple tooth extraction some care is also recommended after the tooth extraction. If you have been searching on Google for tooth extraction near me then this is the right page.
  • We take a holistic approach and direct the patients with pain killers to prevent pain after extraction.
  • The patients are advised not to drink anything too hot or too cold for 24 hours after the surgery. Drinking from straw is advised.
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