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Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment- Chandigarh

A periodontal disease is common but not many people are aware about it. There is need for preventive measures as Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss. The initial symptoms of this disease include swollen, red and tender gums. Getting rid of such problems is also important for overall oral health care and hygiene. If you have any type of swelling or bleeding then you should immediately contact a periodontist in Chandigarh. This is a medium term or severe problem and can take few months. A periodontal gum disease ( also periodontitis ) treatment is important as it is not a good sign of oral health.

You need Periodontal Care in the following Cases:

Bad Breath


Loose Teeth

Receding Gums

Tender Gums

When you are dealing with Pooran Dental then you need not worry about your periodontal gum disease. We will offer the treatment as it is a short term procedure. It is perfectly treatable by a medical professional. It is important to have a good oral hygiene to prevent and cure such gum infections.

At Pooran Dental you get the right dentists and specialists who provide timely care and right approach to your dental problems. All you get is a healthy teeth and that is not a small price to pay for your smile.

How Pooran Dental can be of help :

  • The procedure for periodontal treatment procedure which is a chronic problem involves cleaning the pockets of the tooth near the teeth so that the surrounding bone is not damages. In only advance cases surgery is required.
  • Self care is also an important part of the procedure. A good dentists will guide you and instruct you. You can clean your teeth with gritty paste and rotating brush to remove stains off your teeth.
  • Medications also include antiseptics and antibiotics to kill the bacteria.
  • Our dentists at Pooran follow a very holistic approach. In such procedures removal of the unhealthy tissue from wounds is carried out for healing and deep cleaning.
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