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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment In Chandigarh

At the end of the day everyone wants to look and feel confident. The look on our face often determines how we are also perceived by others at the end of the day. Pooran Dental has a very experienced team which achieves orthodontic treatment for the straightening of the teeth. A bad appearance of your teeth where your jaw is not aligned can affect your confidence and overall look. Also for the long term help of one’s teeth, jaw joints and gums orthodontic treatment is necessary. A dentist’s can help you spread the pressure over.

Do you Incur one of the following?

Difficulty In Biting

Out Of Position Teeth

Front Teeth Sticking Out

Crooked Teeth

Jaw Problems

At Pooran Dental cosmetic clinic we take all your problems seriously. We provide proper professional care with best orthodontists in chandigarh. An orthodontic treatment helps in the straightening and the moving of the teeth to improve the appearance.

At Pooran Dental we help you get the desired results with the right care and right expertise from our experienced dentists and Orthodontist in Chandigarh. Assure yourself healthy teeth and best treatment. Just book an appointment with Pooran today !

What Pooran Offers?

  • Our panel of the experienced team of Pedodontists (Dentists who specialize in treating children) does FREE DENTAL CHECK UP for your children.
  • We help your child in all these problems such as tooth-colored filling, root canal treatment, habit breaking appliances, growth modification, early detection of tooth alignment is corrected by wires and braces.
  • Pooran will provide you with such techniques like Dental sealants (protects the tooth from decay) and fluoride application (provides your child’s teeth with mineral covering)
  • We do your Child’s treatment in a friendly and familiar environment, by motivating him with giving incentives, rewards, gifts, and eliminates his fear for the dentist’s chair.
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