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Braces and Invisible Invisalign

Braces and Invisible Invisalign

A child’s smile is one of the best gifts from GOD. And your child deserves the perfect and beautiful smile. Our experienced team of Pooran Dental and Cosmetic Clinic is here to protect those teeth from germs and unevenness that can make the teeth look unhealthy and ugly. In addition, crookedness of teeth is common dental problems in kids which can also interfere with proper chewing, which may cause digestion problems and can cause tear off gums and jaw muscles resulting in cracks within teeth. An attractive smile is a child’s identity and a bad smile can affect his confidence and personality. It’s very important that the teeth are taken care of at the right time. So, our treatments will make sure that your kid has a healthy, beaming smile with great comfort.

At Pooran Dental we make sure that you get the right solutions for the dental problems that you are looking for. As some children might not like the regular braces, we have invisible invisalign which can also be used to provide the right treatments at the right time. Invisible Invisalignis virtually invisible. This means you can always smile with confidence, as compared to traditional braces where the wires and metal brackets are visible. Besides this, it is super easy to remove and to put on which further makes it easier to still floss and brush your teeth.Pooran Dental is the best place at Tricity for braces and other Dental treatments.

Do you have the following Problems?

Crooked Teeth

Crowded teeth

Incorrect Joints

Overbites Or Underbites Problem

Incorrect Jaw Position

At Pooran Dental we make sure that you get the right results for the dental treatment that you are looking for. As some children might not like the regular braces the invisible invisalign can also be used to provide the right treatment at right time. Pooran Dental is best place in the tricity for braces and other dental procedures.

At Pooran Dental we have got the experienced dentists who provide you with best environment for cure and healing. We actively listen to our patients and care about their problems to bring about a change.

What Pooran Dental can do for you :

  • At Pooran Dental the dentists is going to get you the best appliance to help you in your problem but the patient is also given a choice.
  • The dentist will see to that you get the right fit for your teeth
  • The braces are provided for for a period of 18 to 30 months. The invisible braces are removable and can also be cleaned in a few days gap.
  • In the case of braces the interconnected wires are tightened on each visit and as a result your teeth can feel a little sore.
  • With proper care and advice from our experts at Dental care you get the best teeth alignment in a matter of months.
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